December 10 sign horoscopes

You might feel a call to escape this week, some song in your bones urging you to overturn your whole sweet life.

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This is still a week for keeping your promises, a week for honoring your commitments, both spoken and unspoken. As you go about living your life this week, on familiar streets, completing familiar tasks, you might feel something slowly and quietly shifting inside you. This is a week for allowing yourself your missteps, for allowing yourself the possibility of getting things wrong sometimes. This is a week for taking an active role in making your own life beautiful and sweet, a week for seeking out beauty on purpose.

So much of the time, your focus is elsewhere, deep in the center of the earth, or in the furthest reaches of history, or caught in the wildest, most tangled puzzles you can find. Even in these places, life can take you by surprise, can delight you, can remind you of all the colors that the earth knows how to make.


This is a week for practicing care: care for other people, for the world around you, and for your own steady self, too. You might hear messages encouraging you to turn away from this work — as though there are other, bigger, flashier tasks more worthy of your time. But right now, caring for the world is work worth doing. There are so many shapes this can take, but all of them are a way to stand firm in the insistence that your life matters, and the lives of the people around you matter, too.

You have a bright, steely core, and your job is not to let all the buzzing noise in the air make you forget this about yourself. You might feel conflicted, this week — pulled in different directions and pressured to make a choice. There will be time for hard choices later, but this is a week for holding different ideas and different futures in your head at once.

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