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Palmistry is a type of astrology that decides the prediction based on the lines of the palm and most of us have a strong belief in this system. When considering life, career plays an important role in financial growth.

Palm Reading

Palm reading fate line focuses only on career, prosperity on the whole. This palmistry fate line predicts the growth and downfall in the career. Fate line in both the palms is observed to assess that when one can get a permanent job, promotion, changes in the career, and the earning graph. Here we will have a comprehensive study on the palmistry career fate line. Do not be panic if you are absent with a fate line.

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It does not mean that you will never get a job or face bad luck in career. It means your job may not be permanent and you may keep on hoping in your job. This otherwise means you may not get your dream profession or cannot be focused on a particular task. Hence, the absence of the fate line imbibes many matters. A thick brown colored with a deep and straight fate line is considered as the best one.

Either it should not have any breaks in between or should not cut by any horizontal lines. A person who possesses such a wonderful fate line will enjoy a royal income throughout his life without any deterrents. If the fate line is oblique, it shows the person will always have a unique idea and he could judge a matter from the different point of views in work. He could think shortcut ways to easily get success in his career. We shall see some of the fate line branches here:.

He will be favored with prosperity from his 35 to 56 years. It will happen when the fate line starts from the life line and ends up straight to the heart line. Want to know about your career progress? Your earning potential? When is the next change expected? Our career report is the answer to all your queries.

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The report will Include general scope and trend , The good and bad period , promotion and increments, Job opportunities, career suitable along with remedies and precaution. The hand analysis is especially useful for relationships as it can offer someone insights into their partner, or any relationship about how that person receives love and how they give love. The report will Include how happy the marriage will be. The report will provide you insights into all the facets of your life, including, health, finances, family, career, romance and marriage.


Having analyzed your hand exhaustively on various parameters Along with remedies and precaution. Get Your personalized reading.

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While taking image through Digital camera, keep the camera in a vertical position so that the whole image from wrist to fingertips and from thumb to little finger is obtained. Through Mobile While taking image through Mobile, keep the Mobile in vertical position so that whole image from wrist to fingertips and from thumb to little finger is obtained. Through Scanner For taking palm images through scanner, place the palm against the glass of scanner applying pressure.

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Method of taking print with lipstick For this method, use dark red coloured or brown coloured lipstick. Take two sheets of white paper, one for right hand, other for left hand, both of which are a bit larger than the size of your hand and a thin layer of cotton. Stretch the white paper on hard and smooth surface.

Such people are freedom seekers.

How to read a palm - the astrology of the hand - psychic, clairvoyant and intuitive insight

They reveal their love through actions than words. Such people remain strong even in the difficult times. If you also want to know yours then it is advisable you should consult with a knowledgeable and renowned palmist. Like that of Professor Sriwathsal. Professor Sriwathsal is the best palm reader in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He is well-known for offering accurate predictions as the results obtained so far are remarkable. Throughout the world, his unique and effective astrological services are very well known.